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Development trend of industrial gases in 2020

Industrial gas is a bottled compressed liquid gas. With the rapid development of the economy, as one of the basic industrial elements of the national economy, it is widely used in many important areas of the national economy, including Metallurgy, chemical, medical, electronics and other industries. Among them, metallurgy and chemical industry have the highest demand for industrial gases, accounting for 29.5% and 27.5% respectively. In the past, the largest demand for industrial gases in China's market was in the chemical, petroleum, electric power and steel industries, which consumed nearly 60 percent of the market share of industrial gases, the remaining 40 percent is consumed by industries such as healthcare, food, electronics, construction, printing, and automobiles. Nowadays, the market layout of our country may be broken with the development of economy. The rise of automobile, electronic and food industries makes the industrial gas supply in our country obviously insufficient at present. In particular, oxygen, nitrogen and some rare gases, such as Argon, Krypton, xenon and other supplies, and energy-saving demand makes large air separation equipment become popular.

China's industrial gas enterprises are small in scale and have a single variety of products. They are generally regional enterprises with annual turnover of tens of millions of units, and are subject to the influence of various factors such as equipment, technology, capital, logistics, etc. , there is a big bottleneck in the development of enterprises. In this context, China's industrial gas enterprises need to integrate resources within the industry and compete with foreign companies. With the increasing of the diversity, particularity and complexity of gas demand, some domestic enterprises will gradually occupy more market share through mergers and acquisitions and improve their competitiveness.


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