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SF6 circuit breaker features

Advantages of SF6 circuit breaker:

The superior insulation, arc ignition, physical and chemical characteristics of SF6 gas are the greater advantages of SF6 circuit breaker

This gas is nonflammable and chemically stable. Decomposition products are not explosive, i.e. there is no risk of fire or explosion

Due to the high dielectric strength of SF6, the electrical clearance is greatly reduced

Compared with pneumatic circuit breaker and minimum oil volume circuit breaker, outdoor high-voltage SF6 circuit breaker has fewer circuit breakers per pole. SF6 outdoor circuit breaker is simple in structure, low in cost, maintenance free and compact in structure

Its performance is not affected by changes in atmospheric conditions

Its operation is silent, and it will not make any noise like the circuit breaker blowing out Because SF6 has excellent arc extinguishing performance, it does not need to replace the contact frequently, the arc time is short, and the contact erosion is low. Therefore, the contacts do not oxidize

Therefore, the dielectric strength of SF6 will not be reduced, because carbon particles will not form during the arc process

Minimum maintenance. The circuit breaker may need to be repaired every four to ten years

Sealing structure to avoid water, dust, sand and other pollution. Air blasting circuit breaker without expensive compressed air system

The same gas circulates into the circuit, reducing the demand for SF6 gas.

No surge problem. When the natural current is zero, the arc is extinguished, there is no current interference, and the circuit breaker terminal generates relevant overvoltage

SF6 gas circuit breaker can perform various tasks, such as eliminating short line error, opening no-load transmission line, capacitor switch, transformer reactor switch, etc., without problems

Sufficient overload. Under the same conductor size, due to the high heat transfer capacity of SF6 gas, the current carrying capacity of SF6 circuit breaker is about 1.5 times that of the gas supply switch

Disadvantages of SF6 circuit breaker:

Incomplete plug leads to SF6 gas leakage. Need continuous monitoring

SF6 gas has a certain degree of asphyxiation. When the circuit breaker tank leaks, the weight of SF6 gas is greater than the weight of settling air, which may cause the operator to suffocate. However, it is non-toxic

Arc SF6 gas is toxic and must not be inhaled

When carrying out regular maintenance in a clean and dry environment, the internal components must be thoroughly cleaned. Teflon dust and sulfide must be removed

Special facilities are required for gas transportation, transmission and gas quality maintenance. Detection of gas quality damages the performance of SF6 circuit breaker, thus affecting its reliability

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