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Preparation method of krypton gas

Krypton is a colorless, tasteless and tasteless inert gas, which weighs about twice as much as air. Very inert, unable to burn or support combustion. Krypton content in the air is very small, only 1.14ml per 1m3 of air.

At present, there are several main krypton production methods:

1. The by-products of krypton xenon mixture in the argon extraction process of ammonia waste gas are extracted from the ammonia waste gas, and 99% krypton can be produced through distillation, washing, oxygen absorption, adsorption and desorption.

2. The air separation process extracts the mixture of krypton and xenon from the air separation device. By extracting poor krypton, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide are removed, and 99.99% pure krypton is separated.

3. Krypton is extracted from fission gas of nuclear reactor, and radioactive krypton is widely used in waste gas of nuclear reactor.

4. Freon solvent absorption method has been realized in industry.

5. It is made by industrial fractionation of liquid air.

6. When oxygen or nitrogen is produced in a large air liquefaction tower, it can be separated from the extracted distillate.

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