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The "hydrogen capital" of Wuhan, Hubei is coming!

In the afternoon of July 2nd, the Information Office of Wuhan Municipal People's Government held the fourth "965" action series press conference, and released the compilation of industrial map and industrial development situation in Qingshan District.

We will build a world-class medium and high-end high-quality steel production base and create a new chemical material industry worth over 100 billion yuan

Liu Fu Tang, deputy party secretary and governor of Qingshan District.

"Qingshan District is an important part of the city's '965' modern industrial system." Liu Fu Tang, deputy secretary of the CPC Qingshan District Committee and head of the district, said that the district has a relatively complete industrial chain in iron and steel, chemical industry, equipment manufacturing and other industries. It has Wuhan headquarters of Baowu Group, China Korea Petrochemical, China First Metallurgical Corporation and other powerful enterprises, as well as Wuhan Chemical Industrial Park, which is one of the top 30 chemical industrial parks in China, with complete industrial categories and strong supporting capabilities. In recent years, regional industrial transformation and kinetic energy transformation have also achieved remarkable results. Emerging industries and sectors, such as Yangtze River YunTong, Heizhi Technology, Wuhan Iron and Steel Big Data Industrial Park, Fiberhome Ruituo Fiber, Wuhan Organic Materials, have settled down one after another.

Warden of Qingshan district

According to the introduction, Qingshan District accurately connects with the spatial development pattern of Wuhan City "one main do excellent, four vice strengthen, urban and rural integration, integrated development" and "965" modern industrial system, compiling industrial map, constructing high-end, intelligent and green modern industrial system, optimizing and upgrading steel and petrochemical two traditional pillar industries. We will vigorously develop six emerging leading industries, including new materials, new energy (hydrogen), new equipment, digital economy, producer services, and urban life services. By further optimizing industrial spatial layout, we will accelerate the transformation of old and new drivers of industrial development, and build a modern city of green hills, clear waters and red steel. Focusing on the main axis of the Yangtze River, the district will build five functional areas of spatial layout, namely "two parks and three cities", to help build "five centers" and build a modern Wuhan.

Qingshan District is speeding up the construction of WISCO modern industrial park. The zone will build a world-class base for mid-to-high-end boutique steel production, with the focus on environmental protection technology at WISC's plant, Mr. Liu said. We will develop industry-city integration transformation projects, accelerate the transformation of the steel industry to intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and personalized manufacturing in a two-pronged way, and steadily build an industry of hundreds of billions of dollars.

At the same time, we will build an industrial park of new chemical materials, further expand high-end fine chemical industry, extend the downstream industrial chain of petrochemical, build three functional sectors of ethylene refining and chemical integration, chemical and new materials, and chemical port logistics industry, and build a billion yuan industry of new chemical materials.

Realize the integration of hydrogen energy research and development, production and sales, and build a large-scale, cluster and high-end "hydrogen capital" of Wuhan

Liu Fu hall said, give full play to the castle peak riverside business district in the area as a bright spot in the city area of geographical advantages, a high starting point planning and construction of riverside red city, agglomeration development of digital economy, artificial intelligence, industrial services, high-end business services and other modern service industry, make kechuang industrial park, creative culture series block new formats, such as overall layout of the neighborhood and slow life livable communities, To build an urban development axis along the south bank of the Yangtze River that integrates industry with city and is suitable for working and living.

Future, qingshan district will be relying on strict north shore of the lake ecological advantages, actively into the optical valley kechuang corridor, high standard construction lakeside city of blue, make the import lake ecological science and technology park, yan north shore of the lake ecological leisure belt, advanced manufacturing industrial park, bayhood dagang industry incubation center space such as the carrier, focus on science and technology innovation, industry development, industry incubation function, To build an ecological new city of science and technology integrating innovative research and development, high-end residential and ecological leisure.

"We will improve the ecological resources along the riverside, focus on developing clean energy and green economy, and build a high-quality Beihu Green City." Liu Fu hall said, during the period of "difference", castle peak will be focused on ecological new town core bayhood industry layout, integration can bao qing and wuhan gas, promote the hydrogen gas island industrial park and innovation center, wuhan huazhong key projects, such as joint wuhan institute of technology, such as colleges and universities to build the hydrogen industry alliance, the introduction of hydrogen head enterprises and key projects both at home and abroad, Gradually improve the whole industrial chain of production, storage, transportation, processing and use, realize the integration of hydrogen energy research and development, production and sales, and build a large-scale, cluster and high-end "hydrogen capital" of Wuhan.

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