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A lamp that absorbs carbon dioxide

Since the invention of street lamps in the 19th century, they have filled dark roads with light. A lamp, however, always needs electricity to shine. Recently, Xiaobian saw a terrible street lamp. Foreign media reported such a magical lamp, which is remarkable because it does not need electricity and can absorb carbon dioxide. Can you believe the magic of absorbing carbon dioxide to make light?

Fermentalg, a French company focused on clean technology research, created the lamp. The shape of the lamp is also unique, with a yellow-green light shining through the cylindrical glass case. The secret of its luminescence lies in its source of light -- bioluminescent green algae. The creatures survive by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Designer Pierre Calleja says each of these streetlights can absorb nearly a ton of carbon dioxide a year, the equivalent of 150 to 200 trees.

Street lamp

The energy from the algae 'photosynthesis is stored in a special device that can be used to provide light in areas without electricity. Since it relies on bioluminescence, it certainly won't be as bright as our electric light bulbs, but something is better than nothing, and by absorbing so much carbon dioxide, it could do a lot to mitigate global warming.

In addition to these eco-friendly street lamps, Calleja and his team have developed a number of products that use green algae, including Omega 3 biosupplements and ingredients for many natural cosmetics. In addition, they have developed a technology to make biofuel from these green algae.

Suddenly I feel that the continuous development of technology can also make our environment better and better. It is true that knowledge changes destiny and science and technology changes life. Big thumbs up to great scientists.

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