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The transportation method of SiHCL3

General requirements for transportation

(1) Only qualified, experienced and fully trained personnel are allowed to sample, connect, load, unload, or disconnect tanks and tankers.

(2) During the operation of sampling, connection, loading, unloading or disconnecting, protective clothing should be used. Emergency shower device and eyewash fountain should be set up within the range of 8-15m of loading or unloading area. Disinfectant hose should be connected and prepared in case of emergency.

Trichlorosilane production plant

Method of loading and unloading

The fire risk during trichlorosilane loading and unloading is high. Because trichlorosilane vapor and air will form a combustible mixture, burning explosion, water or damp will occur violent reaction and produce toxic HCl, and trichlorosilane itself has a strong toxicity, so there should be special requirements for trichlorosilane loading and unloading. The loading and unloading method is to use the closed state of compressor loading and unloading. With compressor spare chemical hydrogen silicon mixed gas in the tank (for chemical hydrogen silicon volatile and thermal expansion, container, there should be no less than 5% of the gap is a certain amount of silicon chemical hydrogen gas mixture), pressure into the tank lorry, at this point the pressure inside the tank is reduced, the pressure inside the tank car, tank car and tank form a certain pressure difference, this chemical hydrogen silicone fluid in the tank car is to take this pressure is pressed to the storage tank, the opposite chemical hydrogen silicone fluid pressure from the storage tank to tank.

The trichlorosilane discharge liquid must strictly abide by the operation procedures, the operator should master the operation technology and fire requirements of the position, careful operation, at any time to monitor the pressure gauge, liquid level gauge; In the discharge of liquid, the engine should be flameout, the trichlorosilane in the storage tank should be stopped using, and there is a special person to monitor, stop the discharge of liquid in thunderstorm days. In the discharge process is also easy to generate static electricity, should use good material and smooth transportation pipeline; Before the tank truck loading and unloading liquid, the equipment and pipeline should be connected with the electrostatic grounding wire first, and the effective length of the grounding drag chain must be maintained. When discharging liquid, the flow rate should be strictly controlled, and the flow rate should be controlled in 0.7~2m/s to prevent the generation of static electricity.

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