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The application of Methanol to hydrogen production

The 60000Nm3/h methanol hydrogen production unit of Shandong Shouguang Luqing Petrochemical Co., LTD, the largest methanol hydrogen production unit in China, was officially put into operation recently. It was successfully started at one time. After 72 hours of examination and operation, 99.9% of qualified hydrogen was produced.

The unit adopts Shanghai Huaxi Chemical Technology Co., LTD. 's advanced methanol hydrogen production technology and PSA technology, the company's research and development of good performance of the catalyst and PSA part of the adsorbent, reliable and stable program-controlled valve. The detailed design is undertaken by Anhui Huadong Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Co., LTD. To ensure the project a successful drive, meet the design targets.

Diagram of hydrogen production process of formaldehyde

This unit takes methanol + desalted water as raw material, uses the heat energy provided by the thermal oil furnace to vaporize methanol, and cracks under the action of catalyst, and reacts to form the transformation gas. Shift gas again by PSA, the choice of using adsorbent adsorption performance, will transform the impurity in the gas (mainly for the CO, CO ₂) adsorption, isolated the hydrogen purity is more than 99.9% out of the device. According to the calibration results after the stable operation of the device, compared with similar operating devices in China, the energy consumption is lower and the methanol consumption is smaller. Energy conservation and economic effect are obvious.

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