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Why is there so much helium-3 on the moon

When it comes to lunar deposits, helium-3 is a must. scientists found radioactive materials such as helium in lunar soil. After further analysis and identification, they found a large amount of helium-3 on the moon. Helium-3 is a long-term, clean, safe and efficient nuclear fusion fuel.

Helium-3 is scarce on earth. However, there are about 500 million tons of helium-3 in the moon. According to the current energy consumption scale of the earth, the helium-3 on the moon can meet the energy demand of human beings for about 10000 years after being used for nuclear fusion power generation.

Helium 3 on the moon

Why does the moon have so much helium-3? In the process of internal nuclear fusion, the sun will produce a lot of helium-3, which will be blown by the solar wind and fall into the surrounding planets. Because the earth's surface is covered with a thick atmosphere, the solar wind can not reach the surface directly, so the natural reserves of helium-3 on the earth are very low. The moon has almost no atmosphere, solar wind can directly reach the surface of the moon, and a large amount of helium-3 is deposited on the surface of the moon.

If the helium-3 in lunar soil can be developed and utilized, the local materials can be used to build nuclear power plants on the moon.

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