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What is argon special purpose

Argon is a rare gas widely used in industry at present. It is very inert in nature, and neither burns nor AIDS combustion. In aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, atomic energy and mechanical industries, argon is often used as a welding protective gas for special metals, such as aluminum, magnesium, copper and their alloys, and stainless steel, to prevent the welding parts from being oxidized or nitrated by air.

A small lump of solid argon is  melting

High purity argon gas main use: used for welding, stainless steel, smelting, also used in the semiconductor manufacturing process in chemical vapor deposition, crystal growth, thermal oxidation, extension, diffusion, polysilicon, tungsten, ion implantation and current-carrying, sintering argon as shielding gas production of single crystal and polycrystalline silicon, in order to improve the quality of the silicon crystal, how to select the high purity argon gas, is to make an issue of silicon crystals. Through the use of this device. 

when the oxygen content of argon is less than 1ppm and the water content is less than 1ppm, the oxygen carbon content of monocrystalline silicon produced is less than 0.5 PPM. In this way, the service life of the monocrystalline silicon can be improved and the requirements can be met, so as to win customer satisfaction and market demand. Since argon is vaporized and not purified, its oxygen content is generally in the range of 2ppm~5ppm. Sometimes gas suppliers supply argon beyond this range, but the customers who use argon are not aware of its quality, which often affects the quality of the products produced. 

With the argon purification device, no matter what the quality of argon raw gas is, the purity of argon entering the crystal furnace is always constant as long as it is processed by the purification device. In general, O2 < 0.2 PPM and moisture < 1ppm, the stable argon gas is guaranteed to produce crystal quality.

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