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The main uses of electronic gases

With the rapid development of high and new technology, the computer industry has a great increase in demand for LSI and LCD. With the development of new energy, the production of polysilicon solar cells and thin film solar cells has been vigorously developed. In addition, new electric light sources, photoelectric semiconductor devices (GaAs, InP, AlGaAs) and optical fiber communication devices have also been developed rapidly. In the production of the high-tech products mentioned above, a large number of high-purity gases are needed to produce various devices with reliable performance.

Purpose 1: Large scale integrated circuits

Chemical vapor deposition: SiH4, NH3, O2, N2O, TEOS (Tetraethoxy silicon)

Chemical etching: CF4, SF6, NF3, Cl2, CCl, BCl3, KrF, ArF, HBr, HCl

Chemical doping: BF3, B2H6, PH3, AsH3

Purpose 2: LCD screen

Chemical vapor deposition: SiH4, SiNx

Chemical etching: SF6, HCl, Cl2

Purpose 3: Solar cells

Chemical vapor deposition: SiH4, NH3, NF3

Diffusion and etching: POCl3, O2, CF4

Purpose 4: Photoelectric semiconductor

Chemical vapor deposition: AsH3, PH3, NH3, N2, H2

Chemical etching: BCl3, Cl2

Purpose 5: Optical fiber

Chemical vapor deposition: SiH4, SiCl4, D2, GeCl4

Chemical etching: CF4, KrF, ArF, Cl2, SF6

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