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Applications of stable isotope targets

The composition skills of stable isotopic symbol compounds mainly include inorganic composition, organic composition and biological composition, among which the constitution-resolution, asymmetric composition and protein-biological composition and hydrolysis have been well applied.

1. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) analysis solvent. It is used in structure analysis, quantitative analysis and purity analysis, chemical pathway and reaction mechanism, reaction kinetics, etc.

2. Medical diagnostic reagents. Such as 13C-urea, 18O-H2O and so on.

3. Metabolic substrates. It includes amino acids used for studying protein and amino acid metabolism, carbohydrates used for glucose metabolism and fatty acids used for lipolysis. Stable isotopic symbols allow researchers to study metabolic pathways in vivo in a safe manner.

4. Reagents and customized composition solvents. Supply required symbol compounds for pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental and other research, according to customer requirements for research and selection of appropriate symbol compounds.

5. Standard reagent for environmental pollutants. Used for the detection of air, water, soil, sediment and food.

6. Molecular biological NMR products. The stable isotopic symbol is an excellent thing for the study of the structure and interaction of proteins and peptides. The study of complex systems can briefly polish the molecular structure of the research object with the stable isotopic symbol. Molecular biological NMR products mainly include protective amino acids, symbol media, carbohydrates, RNA/DNA symbol products, symbol hormones, symbol proteins and so on.

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