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Hydrogen as a new energy source

As a power, hydrogen has advantages that no other power has. It can be used as fuel and can be used in aerospace, welding, aerospace, military, etc. According to its reducibility, it can also be used for smelting some metal materials.

1. It can be made from widely available water

2. More heat is released during burning, which is about three times as much as gasoline of the same mass

3. The big advantage is that it is incinerated after the product is water, not pollution of the environment

The advantages of hydrogen as a new power source are clear. Hydrogen has been called the "clean power of the world" because its only burning product is water. The burning calorific value of hydrogen is high. The heat generated by burning hydrogen with the same mass is about 3 times that of gasoline, 3.9 times that of alcohol and 4.5 times that of coke. What's more, hydrogen is a storable power carrier. Some scientists believe that hydrogen energy is likely to play an important role on the world power stage in the 21st century.

There are many different skills that can be used to make hydrogen, but using wastewater to make hydrogen is certainly attractive because it combines the functions of wastewater treatment, killing two birds with one stone. With the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Professor Ren Nanqi of Harbin Institute of Technology started the research on the mechanism of hydrogen production from organic wastewater in the early 1990s. He USES fermentation techniques to produce biological hydrogen, hydrogen with the degradation of organic matter, so that wastewater purification.

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