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Preparation method of sulfur hexafluoride

The preparation methods of sulfur hexafluoride are divided into two categories, one is the direct method, the other is the electrolytic method.

The direct reaction method refers to the direct reaction between fluorine and sulfur to produce SF6. In the preparation process, keep the container stable at 120 ° C to 180 ° C, and the molten sulfur and fluorine gas can be produced after the reaction, but the amount of fluorine gas needs to be maintained to avoid the generation of by-products. This method is the most common method at home and abroad. In addition to heating to promote the reaction, there is also the use of ultraviolet radiation method to make SF4 and UF6 pronunciation, sulfur hexafluoride preparation.

At present, the preparation of SF6 is usually obtained by the preparation of fluorine produced by electrolysis at high temperature and sulfur. In the presence of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and strong conductive solute such as sodium fluoride, SF6 containing carbon disulfide can be obtained by electrolysis, but this method will waste a lot of electric energy.

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