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Industrial applications of carbon dioxide lasers

Carbon dioxide laser is a kind of laser with high continuous output power. It developed early and its commercial products are mature. It is widely used in material processing, medical use, military weapons, environmental measurement and other fields. In the development and application of lasers, the production and application of CO2 lasers were relatively early. As early as the late 1970s, CO2 lasers were directly imported from abroad, engaged in industrial processing and medical applications. Since the late 1980s, CO2 lasers have been widely introduced and applied in the field of material processing.

Due to the laser can be used as a non-contact cutting, narrow kerf width does not affect the outer material, so advertising and building industry widely used in a special need to keep the workpiece surface extremely smooth mirror stainless steel or stainless steel plate cutting processing commonly, such as: brand, sculpture, elevator control panels, kitchen utensils and appliances, circular saw blades, the force that press a gram, spring washers, electronic parts under 2 mm with copper, some metal plates, steel pipes, tin-coated plate, lead plate, plating phosphor bronze, electricity boards, thin aluminium alloy, quartz glass, silicon rubber, below 1 mm alumina ceramic pieces, aerospace industry use of titanium alloy and so on. With the evolution of the industrial form, sheet metal processing objects are more and more complex and diverse, the traditional punch function can no longer meet the requirements, the linear cutting speed is too slow, CO2 laser processing function just make up for what they lack, which is also the main reason for the continuous and rapid increase of CO2 laser processing machine introduction speed in recent years.

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