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Application of heavy oxygen water in medical field

Heavy oxygen water is a chemical substance. Also known as oxygen 18 water. Natural abundance of hydrogen and 100%18 O compounds. A colorless, odorless, odorless liquid. It is mainly used as tracer in chemistry, biology, medicine, agriculture, geology and other scientific research fields.

The main users of heavy oxygen water are hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that own PET-CT and accelerator equipment. PET/CT integrates CT and PET together, with the functions of PET and CT. The two examinations are completed successively on the same equipment, and functional, anatomical and fusion images of both are obtained at the same time. This kind of image fusion is simple and accurate, and on this basis, the localization and qualitative of lesions will be more accurate, so as to achieve the purpose of early detection of lesions and diagnosis of diseases, resulting in the effect of 1+1>2. The emergence of PET/CT is another revolution in medical imaging, highly recognized by the medical community. Will constitute the basic elements of the body of the positron nuclide (18 f, 11, 13 c, 15 o n) tag on materials such as glucose, amino acid, nucleic acid and ligand injected into the body, by PET or PET/CT, no trauma, dynamically observed in vitro after these substances enter the body of the physiological and biochemical changes, from the molecular level view demonstrates the focal area of the body and tissue metabolism, cell proliferation, receptor distribution, blood perfusion and viscera function such as information, provide more metabolism and disease clinical diagnosis information. At present, PET/CT technology is mainly used in clinical diagnosis of tumor diseases, cardiovascular diseases and nervous system diseases, among which tumor is most used.

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