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How to deal with liquid ammonia waste gas?

In the process of liquid ammonia finishing, waste gas is discharged, which consists of water vapor, air and ammonia gas. Ammonia gas is a harmful gas, which affects the health and pollutes the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce emissions and strengthen recovery, which can reduce costs and protect the environment on the one hand.

Absorption of ammonia recovery, the expulsion of gas from the liquid ammonia finishing machine, through pipes to the recycling equipment washing tower (absorption tower), the mixed with ammonia in the air in the tower of the water absorption of ammonia, the air is clean outside the tower side by side, and then through the ammonia distillation tower and water separation, made strong aqua ammonia absorbed by distillation, the meridian of concentrated ammonia distillation into thick ammonia, then concentrated ammonia compressor pressure and condensing cooling liquid ammonia, and finally enter the storage tank.

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