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Applications of hydrogen and nitrogen mixed gases

A mixture of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen is a safe, non-flammable gas. It is a standard reduction protective gas used in steel making, so it is easy to buy mixed gases without mixing them yourself.

Compared with helium leak detection, the biggest advantage of hydrogen and nitrogen mixture leak detection technology is that the gas cost is low, only 1/10-1/20 of helium! As the supply of helium becomes scarcer and more expensive, the low cost of hydrogen and nitrogen mixes will become more prominent.

In addition, the equipment cost of hydrogen leak detector is lower than that of helium leak detector, and there is no vacuum pump, mass spectrometer room, filament and other components inside, so there is no need for annual maintenance. The combined cost is much lower than helium leak detection. Hydrogen and nitrogen mixture detection can quickly detect the leakage rate as low as 5*10-7 mBARl /s, which is the current development trend of leak detection technology.

This technology has been widely used abroad. In the domestic air conditioning industry, more and more manufacturers began to use hydrogen and nitrogen mixed gas leak detection to replace the original suction gun type helium detection.

Leak detection application:

1. Leak detection of aircraft fuel tank; 

2. Airbus fuel system; 

3. Fuel system for Advanced European fighter aircraft; 

4. Eurocopter fuel system; 

5. Fuel lashing for F-16 fighters; 

6. Eurofighter Tornado fuel tank system; 

7. Boeing aircraft oxygen supply system; 

8. Fuel system for Swedish Eagle Fighter; 

9. French air force fuel system; 

10.United States Air Force fuel system; 

11.American Space rocket; 

12. European Space Rocket.

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