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Semiconductor materials and electronic special gas

1. Semiconductor materials will usher in huge business opportunities

In the long run, digitization trends such as 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data will further increase the demand for semiconductors. From the perspective of industry trends, China has officially become the true center of the third semiconductor industry chain transfer in the world, and the number of new local fabs will gradually be completed with construction starting in 2020. As the equipment moved in, the fabs gradually entered the production stage. As the semiconductor material with the second largest demand in semiconductor manufacturing, the golden age of special gases has arrived, and demand will usher in continuous growth. With the transformation of memory chip technology from 2D NAND to 3D NADA, the number of vertically stacked layers of integrated circuits continues to increase, and each new layer requires related deposition and etching gases for operation. The application and usage of tungsten-containing gas materials for metal interconnection in 3D NADA will increase significantly, and the etching of height-to-width ratio also requires some specific gas materials, including some silicon-containing precursors. Several types of logic chips will be used for production below 10nm. New metal interconnect layer.

2. Capital favors the concept of electronic special gas

The capital of all parties at home and abroad is constantly pursuing electronic special gas (semiconductor materials). Any company that can be exposed to the concept of "electronic special gas" or "special gas" will be included in the "core assets" of institutional investors. The share price of special gas concept companies is also skyrocketing. At the SEMI Industry Innovation Investment Forum on June 28, industry and capital experts gave high marks to the opening of the Science and Technology Board.

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