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Why is the insulating glass filled with inert gas?

Standard of inert gas filled in insulating glass: how much inert gas is filled in insulating glass has not been specified in the industry, but generally speaking, it cannot be less than 90%.

The insulating glass is filled with inert gas, which can increase the heat insulation function of the product. Compared with the glass without injecting inert gas into the insulating glass, the insulating glass has more advantages in energy saving. In summer the heat is kept out; No problem with energy saving and heat preservation! It can reduce the pressure difference between inside and outside, keep the pressure balance and reduce the glass bursting caused by the pressure difference. After filling in argon, the K value of insulating glass can be effectively improved, which can: reduce the condensation of indoor side glass; Improve comfort level; Aerated insulating glass is less prone to dew and frost; Outside the clear world in a glance!

With argon as inert gas has its own features can slow down the heat convection inside the hollow glass, at the same time, it can greatly improve the sound insulation noise reduction effect: make hollow glass insulation better, improve the effect of sound insulation, because of filling the gas is dry inert gas can be hollow glass with water in the body cavity air exchange, make the cavity in the body keep dry environment, extend the service life of aluminum spacing frame molecular sieve.

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