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Wuhan standard gas manufacturer

Wuhan Newradar Special Gas Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 by scientific and technical personnel engaged in the industry for 28 years. In 2011, it developed and developed advanced gas distribution technology to the United States, and has been committed to the production and sales of standard mixed gases for many years.

Newradar made great efforts to ensure the quality of the standard gas and make it a true standard substance in the following aspects:

The raw material

As standard gas is the standard material of gas, it has a particularly high requirement on raw gas. All standard gases of Newradar adopt the raw gas with the highest purity from the binary channel.


Automatic gas premix system is adopted to accurately prepare and effectively reduce the influence of human factors

Container selection

Containers containing standard gases are made of materials with corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, less adsorption, no rust, stable chemical properties and high mechanical strength. The high-pressure containers commonly used are aluminum alloy bottles, while carbon steel bottles are completely eliminated due to their non-smooth inner walls and large adsorption.

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