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Use of the mixture gas

There are many uses of mixture gas. Today, we will take you to have a look at the eight uses of mixture gas. Do you know all of them?

(1) laser mixture:

The most common laser mixture is he-ne laser mixture, carbon dioxide laser mixture, krypton fluoride laser mixture, sealed beam laser mixture and excimer laser mixture.

(2) mixture for special instruments:

Common mixtures used in special instruments include PR gas (p-10 gas), Q quenching gas, geiger gas, tissue equivalent gas, nuclear radiation counter gas, proportional counter gas, electron capture mixture, FID combustion gas, spark chamber mixture, spectroscopic mixture, chromatographic gas.

(3) welding mixture:

The welding mixture commonly used in industry may be divided into binary mixture, ternary mixture and quaternion mixture. Common binary mixtures include ar-he, ar-n2, ar-h2, ar-o2, ar-co2, n2-h2, co2-o2, etc. Common ternary mixtures are ar-he-n2, ar-he-n2, ar-he-o2, ar-co2-o2, etc. The quaternion mixture is less used and is mainly made up of Ar,He,H2,O2,N2 and CO2.

(4) mixture of electric light source:

Mainly used for filling gas of incandescent lamp, special light source lamp (such as infrared ray, intense overflow light, fluorescent lamp, luminous signal, solar lamp, ozone lamp, photochemical lamp, sterilizing lamp, ultraviolet lamp, glow lamp, zirconium arc lamp, halogen gas lamp, etc.) and digital display tube. The common varieties are divided into rare gas mixture, heavy hydrogen mixture and bulb argon mixture according to their characteristics. In order to extend the life of lamps and lanterns, the unit pure gas used for the mixture of electric light source is prepared, the purity of which is generally greater than 99.99%, and the content of oxidized impurities should be strictly controlled.

(5) leakage detection (alarm) mixture:

Used for special leak detection of mixture, starting variety specifications. Common categories include helium, carbon halide, sulfur hexafluoride, and krypton -85.

(6) standard correction gas:

Application of standard calibration gas:

  1. Application in gas standardization research;

  2. Application in quality supervision and quality control of gas products;

  3. Calibration and calibration of instruments and meters;

  4. Atmospheric environment monitoring is inseparable from standard calibration gas;

  5. Application in medical and health care and clinical tests;

  6. Evaluation of analytical methods.

(7) breathing mixture:

A mixture of helium and helium (neon), consisting of 1% to 20%O2 plus helium or neon, used mainly as artificial air in deep-sea diving and space flight for breathing by divers or astronauts. The mixture can also be used to treat patients with respiratory conditions such as asthma, laryngeal disease, pneumothorax and lung disease, and for hyperbaric therapy in general.

(8) mixture for electronic industry:

Mixture for the electronics industry refers to a special type of electronic mixture used in large scale integrated circuits (LSI), very large scale integrated circuits (VLSI) and semiconductor device manufacturing for gas phase epitaxial growth, chemical vapor deposition, doping, etching and ion implantation processes. There are mainly epitaxial (growth) mixtures, chemical vapor deposition mixtures, mixed mixtures, etching mixtures and other electronic mixtures.

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