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Meaning and use of CAS Number

Specification for the meaning and filling requirements of CAS number in customs declaration

If the commodity does not involve the code, you can fill in "No CAS number" or "No need to report". If the commodity is chemical, you can inquire the CAS number after clarifying the Chinese product name, and fill in the CAS code in the item.

What role does CAS number play in the process of customs clearance?

A: For some chemical products with complex structure and various names, CAS number should be filled in when declaring, so as to facilitate comparison and analysis with commodity database. If the goods through customs enter the testing procedure, it is also convenient for the testing personnel to determine the exact structure of the substance according to the CAS number, and determine the testing items in a targeted way, thus reducing the testing time. In this way, the speed of examination and testing is much faster!

The amount of CAS number included

According to the official website of Chemical Abstracts, as of 17:20, March 15, 2017, CAS REGISTRYSM has registered 129,015,486 chemicals. In 2005, it was adding more than 4,000 a day. In 2016, about 15,000 substances were added every day. And the total number of new substances added each day is increasing. One day in December 2016, 230,000 CAS numbers were added.

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