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Natural gas performance

Gas is all that exists in the nature of natural gas, including atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere in various natural process of gas formation, as the increasing of environmental pollution, clean energy by many countries and regions, also is one kind of clean energy, natural gas has attracted the attention of people, and gradually come into the mind of the public, it is colorless, tasteless, no toxicity, The performance is good, in many production have been used, by people widely used. When we use it, we should also know its performance, so that we can use it well. So what are the properties of natural gas?

1. LNG is mainly methane, known chemically as CH4, with a small amount of ethane C2H6, propane C3H8, nitrogen N2 and other components.

2. The critical temperature is -82.3℃, the critical pressure is 45.8kg/cm3, the boiling point is -162.5℃, the melting point is -182℃, and the ignition point is 650℃.

3. Liquid density is 0.430t /m3, gaseous density is 0.688kg/Nm3, gaseous calorific value is 9100Kcal/m3, liquid calorific value is 12000Kcal/kg.

4. Explosion range: upper limit is 15%, lower limit is 5%.

5, Wabai index (W) 44.94MJ/Nm3, combustion potential (CP) 45.18, octane number ASTM:130.

6. Colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and non-corrosive, the volume is about 1/625 of the volume of the same amount of gaseous natural gas.

Natural gas can be divided into free state, dissolved state, adsorbed state and solid hydrate according to the phase states existing underground. Only the free natural gas can be developed and utilized by the accumulation of natural gas reservoirs. As natural gas is a kind of clean energy, it has made its own contribution to the environmental protection of the earth. In this era of resource constraints, natural gas is becoming more and more useful, and it will be more and more dependent in the future. Natural gas is one of the safer gas. It does not contain carbon monoxide and is lighter than air. Once it leaks, it will immediately spread upward and is not easy to accumulate to form explosive gas.

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