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Gas storage requirements

      After the Tianjin explosion case, I believe that everyone attaches great importance to gas and other inflammable and explosive substances. Today, Newland Gas will tell you about the use and storage of gas.

Cylinders for various gases

◆        Any gas (compressed gas, liquefied gas) is potentially dangerous. Before use, it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of the gas used (please refer to the safety technical instruction).

◆        Special personnel shall be responsible for gases (those who have been trained in gas safety knowledge), and no one other than the special personnel shall use or dispose of gases without permission.

◆    Compressed gases and liquefied gases has the characteristics of thermal expansion, liquefied gas, in particular, it is strictly prohibited to use any means to gas heating, avoid high temperature, sunshine point-blank, storage place to cool to have ventilation equipment, bottled compressed gas overpressure filling, liquefied gas to be in strict accordance with the filling coefficient of filling, the filling quantity of gas in the gas factory with the certificate of approval.

◆        Avoid contact with flammable gas spark, arc current, and the necessary also equipped with anti-static devices, oxide gas avoid contact with oil, combustible material, using pipeline thoroughly without oil, toxic gases when using not in the room, must have the special gas storage area, corrosive gas to avoid personnel contact, gas storage area to open flames and no smoking are strictly prohibited.

◆         Flammable gas and oxidizing gas use personnel must not mix, if the need for mixed gas to have technical conditions to provide manufacturers.

◆         Materials that are accessible to the use of a gas shall not be incompatible with or react with such a gas.

◆         The user shall take the necessary protective measures (passport safety eyes, gas mask, protective clothing of corresponding materials, leather gloves, etc.) in accordance with the use of the gas constitution, and the exhaust gas shall be disposed in appropriate ways.

◆          The gas should be used within the warranty period and not beyond.

◆      During the use of gas, if any problem is found, the use shall be stopped immediately, and the use shall continue until the problem is clearly investigated and solved. If the problem is caused by gas nature, the use shall be stopped, and the remaining gas shall be disposed in an appropriate way.

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