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Specialty gas separation method

The separation methods of special gases generally include rectification method, adsorption method, catalytic method and membrane separation method, etc. The following mainly introduces the separation of special gases rectification method, adsorption method and membrane separation method.

Special gas is an indispensable material gas for electronic industry, especially for LSI manufacturing. The development of this industry should be synchronized or advanced with that of IC industry. It is an inevitable direction for the special gas industry to develop the purity of special gases, which requires the continuous improvement of separation technology of special gases to meet the purity requirements and realize the market value of gases. Among the three separation technologies, the operation of rectification technology is more complex. At present, the juice calculation of rectification is still in the semi-empirical state, but the purity of separated gas products can meet the purity requirements of various gases on the market. The adsorption separation technology still needs the development of adsorbent; Membrane separation technology is the latest separation model, which has been developing rapidly and has posed different degrees of threat to rectification technology and adsorption separation technology. In a word, these three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. They can adapt to different occasions and meet different requirements, and make their own contributions to the separation of special gases.

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