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Effects and hazards of industrial mixture gases

Mixture gases are often used in industry. What does an industrial mixture gases do? What are the hazards of using an industrial mixture gases?

Many industrial gas industries are useful for the mixture gases, such as welding, electroplating, smelting, chemical, petroleum and other industries, but the mixture is often corrosive, through the respiratory tract into the human body can cause memory poisoning. Irritant gas action common characteristic is to eye, respiratory tract mucous membrane stimulation, also can cause skin damage, long-term contact with low concentration of acid fog, but also can stimulate teeth, cause dental acid erosion.

Chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide and other water-soluble, when wet mucosal congestion, edema and increased secretion, chemical inflammatory reaction, there are runny nose, throat itching, coughing and choking symptoms, in the prevention of irritant gas, must put an end to accidents, to prevent running, running, dropping, leakage and other situations.

Industrial mixture gases used in a variety of industries, extremely wide range of USES, so in use should pay special attention to the harm to the human body.

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