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Which gases are used in food?

What gases are currently used for food preservation or food processing?

High-purity nitrogen: High-purity nitrogen is used for food preservation. The principle is that high-purity nitrogen packs food, making food isolated from oxygen in the air and preventing food from deteriorating due to contact with oxygen. In addition, food packaging filled with high purity nitrogen also prevents the food from being squeezed and damaging the shape of the food.

Carbon dioxide: Food-grade carbon dioxide is used in the production of carbonated drinks and beer. Pressurize and dissolve food carbon dioxide in coke and beer to get the flavor of existing carbonated drinks. In addition, food carbon dioxide is also used to produce high-quality purified water, vinegar drinks and so on.

High purity ethylene: high purity ethylene is widely used in navel orange, mango, banana, tangerine ripening. The gas accelerated ripening by high purity ethylene conforms to the law of biological growth, which is beneficial to the preservation and transportation of fruits. It is harmless to the body itself, but the taste will be worse.

High purity carbon monoxide: High purity carbon monoxide is used for the preservation of tuna and tilapia. Because these fish contain a lot of hemoglobin and myoglobin, very strong reduction, contact with oxygen in the air will easily make the meat brown and make people feel stale. However, carbon monoxide has reducibility, and the tuna meat is bright red after being treated with carbon monoxide, which can also keep fresh.

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