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Application of hydrogen sulfide alarm

Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas, so there is a hydrogen sulfide alarm on the market, specifically for hydrogen sulfide gas detection.

Hydrogen sulfide alarm can effectively detect the concentration of combustible toxic gas, prevent gas leakage after the concentration of combustible toxic gas exceeds the limit. H2S alarm is consists of two parts, gas alarm controller and gas detector, the controller can be placed in the duty room, mainly to control the monitoring, flammable and poisonous gas detectors installed in the most easy to leak location, the core component of gas detector for built-in gas sensor, combustible gas sensor to detect the concentration of combustible gas in the air. Gas detector to convert the combustible gas concentration sensor detected to electrical signals, by wire transfer to the controller, flammable and poisonous gas concentration is higher, the stronger the signal, when the gas concentration at or above the gas alarm controller set emergency alarm, gas alarm controller send out alarm signal, and can activate the electromagnetic valve, exhaust fan, such as communications equipment, automatic eliminate hidden dangers.

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