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Applications of helium isotopes

The helium isotope tracer of mantle-derived components in hydrothermal deposits and oil and gas fields is a hot topic in recent helium research. Researchers found that the ratio of 3He/4He of metallogenic hydrothermal fluids in the early stage of mineralization was > 1.4x10-6, which had the characteristics of mantle-derived helium.

As early as 1996, xu yongchang found that the 3He/4He ratio of many gas fields near the tanlu fault was abnormal high, with the addition of mantle source helium.

The helium isotopic compositions of fluid inclusions in the jiaodong, yidong and xiaoqinling gold deposits were analyzed by li yanhe et al. and it was found that the 3He/4He ratio of these gold deposits was generally high, which proved that the travel of gold deposits in these areas was indeed related to mantle activity.

It's important to note that helium doesn't come from the mantle the same way that water and metals come from the mantle.

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