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Sulfur dioxide emission standard

Sulfur dioxide is a typical toxic and harmful gas, seriously polluting the atmosphere and the environment, the national emission control of sulfur dioxide can be said to be more and more strict.

As an important precursor of PM2.5 pollution source, the nitrogen oxygen control cost has been cut and dried and fundamentally solve the problem of environmental pollution, or the need to reduce emissions, and sulfur dioxide gas is mainly the boiler exhaust emissions from the atmosphere, in April 2017 countries made the strict restrictions, per cubic meter shall not be greater than 40 mg of emissions.

On the basis of national implementation, individual counties and cities also have their own specifications, such as Beijing municipal regulations, sulfur dioxide gas emissions shall not be more than 30 mg/m3, for heavy high pollution boilers in use, the maximum can not exceed 80 mg/m3.

In terms of energy saving, all cities are actively engaged in enterprise transformation, replacing the traditional energy with clean environmental protection energy, and clean energy will be widely used in the future. Beijing is expected to reduce its emissions of sulfur dioxide by 21, 000 tons a year as part of a massive prevention and control effort.

In addition to meeting national standards, high-pollution production enterprises should also comply with local environmental emission policies during production.

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