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Application of helium krypton and neon in Laser

80% of human's access to information from the outside world comes from vision, so the display device is an important way for modern people to obtain information, and display skills are an important direction for the development of information category. As people have more and higher requirements for information acquisition, they have more expectations on the performance of the display, and the discussion of display skills and equipment is becoming more and more important. Since the emergence of the right and wrong at the end of the 19th century to the advent of the colorful television in 1928 and the completion of film photography in 1935, the emergence of skills experience from the era of the emergence of the right and wrong to the colorful skills, the present stage is in the development of digital display period. An important idea of laser display skill is to consider from chromaticity. The display skill with red, green, blue and RGB laser as the light source can most truly reproduce the rich and gorgeous colors of the objective world, providing more shocking performance. Therefore, laser display has been called "the revolution in the history of human vision". In the present many different manifestation skills, laser manifestation has become the mainstream of the manifestation category.

Laser projection using high power (watts) of red, green, blue three primary colors () monochrome laser as the light source, mixed perfect colors, using many methods to complete line and field scanning, when the scanning speed is higher than the critical twinkle frequency imaging, will be able to meet the requirements of human eyes' visual residue left, to the human eye can be clear. The critical flash frequency shall be no less than 50Hz. Liquid crystals reproduce only 27 percent of the gamut seen by the human eye, plasma 32 percent, and lasers more than 90 percent of the theoretical value. The development of laser development has entered the conceptual stage since the beginning of laser development in the 1960s. Due to the limitation of laser development level, laser development progresses slowly. In the early stage, 632.8nm output by helium-neon laser or 647.1nm output by krypton ion laser were used as red light source, and 514.5nm and 488nm output by argon ion laser were used as green light and blue light source as three primary colors to carry out relevant development skills research. Due to the large size of gas laser and the low electro-optical conversion power, the previous research on the laser development system with gas laser as the primary color light source only stayed in the form of laboratory operation and could not be close to practical application.

In the 1990s, all solid state laser propulsion laser development skills entered the stage of research and development; And before 2010, with the professional level of high-end development product research to further promote laser development into the industrial demonstration stage, the beginning of breeding mature industry chain of skills, for the future large-scale production preparation. The earliest laser projection skill is to choose gas laser as the light source, such as HE-NE, argon ion, krypton gas and copper vapor laser, etc., apart from the radiation of red, blue and green laser, complete all colorful laser projection, but gas laser electro-optical power is very low and the operation reliability is relatively poor. The use of laser diode pumped solid-state lasers and frequency doubling skills can also obtain red, green and blue radiation, connected output power up to several watts, tens of watts, or even hundreds of watts. These all-solid-state lasers have high electro-optical power and stability, are compact in structure and can be used for laser projection with a few watts of power. The human eye's visual function values of red, green and blue are very different, and their separation values are 0.265 (630nm), 0.862 (530nm) and 0.091 (470nm), which should be matched with the laser power.

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