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Special gas storage precautions

Most of the special gases are flammable, highly toxic, and corrosive gases. What are the precautions for storage?

When storing high-pressure gas ≥300m and liquefied gas ≥3000kgs, the storage place needs to be approved by relevant units at or above the county level.

The entrances and exits and conspicuous places of high-pressure container storage places must be equipped with safety warning signs, such as: "Very Toxic", "Inflammable", etc.

When there are contents in a high-pressure container, no matter how much the contents are, open flames or placing flammable and combustible materials within 2m of the container storage site are strictly prohibited.

In order to prevent the high-pressure container from falling, rolling off, damage, valve leakage and other potential safety hazards, the storage site must be flat, and the operation must be cautious and gentle; and use chains, ropes, etc. to fix it on a solid position against the wall.

The ambient temperature of the place is better than 40℃.

Set up signs according to the type of gas stored, such as "Very Toxic", "No Open Flame", "Dangerous", "No Entry", etc. And equipped with fire-fighting equipment, sprinkler system, absorbent, neutralizer, gas mask, air breathing apparatus and other facilities.

The road of the storage site should account for more than 20% of the entire site area.

Filled containers and empty containers need to be clearly separated for storage.

Filling containers need to be checked for leaks before they are put into storage, and filled high-pressure containers stored for a long time need to be re-checked once a month and recorded.

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