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Why is laser gas used in environmental monitoring

Using lasers to measure moisture or other gases has many advantages. 

Laser gas mixture

1.the laser will not affect the composition and shape of the gas to be measured

2. it can measure the dangerous gas by remote non-contact method to ensure the safety of testers

3.its measurement accuracy is very high, the lower limit of measurement may reach the magnitude of PPM

4.The monitoring of each gas corresponds to a specific laser wavelength, there is no cross interference, and it is easy to detect specific components in the mixed gas

5.The sensor is completely optical structure, inherently safe, the sensing end is not easy to be interfered by electromagnetic radiation, and no sparks are generated

6.Lasers respond very quickly, in the order of milliseconds

In particular, the response speed of laser is slower than that of the traditional measurement instrument. Laser detection in the laboratory can even reach the magnitude of milliseconds and microseconds. From this point of view, it is also a revolutionary technical innovation.

As is known to all, humidity measurement is under extreme conditions for many times, which increases the difficulty of monitoring. For example, humidity measurement in high temperature and high pressure environment is a difficulty. Compared with the traditional measurement method, using laser to measure humidity under high temperature has the advantages of no cross interference, large measurement scale, high precision and real-time measurement, which can complete the real-time monitoring of humidity under high temperature. "Once the laser high temperature humidity sensor is developed, it will improve the humidity monitoring level, improve the accuracy of environmental emission measurement and reduce emissions from industrial processes. In the future, this skill could be extended to detect all kinds of gases. It has a lot of potential!"

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