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Is there helium gas in the airbag?

An airbag is an auxiliary maintenance device for the airbag system. It is made of nylon, a special fabric with rubber lining. Do you know what kind of gas an airbag works with? Airbags are actually filled with harmless helium. In the event of a bump, the airbag would take about 0.03 seconds to inflate. The very fast inflating speed ensures that when the passenger's body is fastened by the seat belt, it does not move.

Airbags can be in place when the head is still slogging forward. When the head hits the airbag, the airbag begins to vent through a hole on the outside of the airbag. Helium gas is released at a certain rate, making sure that the body slows down slowly. Due to the air bag bounce inflatable speed can be as high as 320 km/h, if the collision riding posture is not correct, will bring serious damage to people.

Cars in the process of marching, sensor system to control speed change (or acceleration) for sending information equipment, by manipulating device (central control) on the information analysis judgment, if the measured acceleration, speed variation or other goals than predetermined value (that is, the real happening), the manipulation of the device body to gas, and the generator issued instructions or sensor directly manipulating burned, after burning explosion reaction, N2 or release will be compressed nitrogen gas-holder circumfuse knock against air pocket. When the occupant touches the air bag, the impact energy is absorbed through the damping of the air bag vent to achieve the intention of maintaining the occupant.

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