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Pollution from carbon dioxide gas shielded welding

CO2 gas maintenance welding takes CO2 gas as the welding method of maintenance gas. Although a large amount of CO2 gas emission will cause greenhouse effect, the CO2 gas emission of gas maintenance welding is very small. The effect of greenhouse effect is negligible, and it will not cause environmental pollution in a large range. However, because welding operations are often carried out in the workshop, pipe or tank, the small environment about the part is still affected.

1. Gas pollution

CO2 gas itself non-toxic, tasteless, the human body does not attack side effect. It does not pollute the environment. However, under the effect of high temperature arc, CO2 gas attack differentiation and produce CO+O2, together with will also attack a certain amount of ozone O3, nitrogen compounds NO, NO2 and other gases, thus near the arc or in the operation area to reach a certain concentration, part of the attack of pollution.

2. Dust pollution

In actual welding, due to the effect of high temperature arc, all kinds of metal vapor will be formed, and iron oxide dust will also occur, resulting in smoke and dust pollution.

3. Arc radiation pollution

High temperature arcs can cause intense arc radiation pollution. The mildness of radiation is related to welding parameters. The larger the welding current is, the stronger the arc radiation is, and the two are proportional to each other. CO2 gas maintenance welding is open arc welding, and its current density is large, arc light radiation intensity is generally higher than electrode arc welding 2 to 3 times, its main component is ultraviolet radiation, long-term effects on the human body, will constitute a chronic injury. Arc light radiation intensity is also related to the distance from the solder joint. The closer the distance from the solder joint is, the stronger the arc light radiation intensity will be. Generally speaking, the distance from the solder joint 10 meters away from the position, the light radiation intensity has now attenuated below the safety limit. In spite of this, the eye still can not direct arc, otherwise serious consequences will occur.

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