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Laser Mixture Gas For Cutting

One of the important characteristics of the gas laser is that the working material of the laser is a mixture or a single pure gas. Therefore, there are special requirements on the purity of the mixture components of the laser.

If the helium (He) neon (Ne) laser is used as the first generation of gas laser, the carbon dioxide laser mixture is the second generation of gas laser, and the krypton fluoride (KrF) laser will be widely used in the field of semiconductor manufacturing, it can be called the third generation laser.

This paper introduces a kind of laser mixture gas used in laser cutting machine, a four-element laser mixture gas used in two-dimensional laser cutting machine, which is mainly used in sheet metal processing of steel.

The long-used mixture of carbon dioxide laser gases in laser cutting, where carbon dioxide is the dominant gas that produces laser action. At present, carbon dioxide laser mixture gas has thick cutting line and many rough edges, and the thickness of cutting steel plate is very limited, generally around 10mm.

At present, the best solution composition ratio of quaternion laser mixture gas is: CO:4%,CO2:8%,He:28%,N2:60%.this quaternion laser mixture gas can make the two-dimensional laser cutting machine achieve the maximum output power, and the maximum thickness of cutting steel plate can reach 25mm, which can also better guarantee the quality of the workpiece.

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