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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/25/2014 9:07:38 PM
A new method for catalytic CO and methane gas!

Nitric oxide is one of the atmospheric pollutants common, while the methane gas is no exception. Whether nitric oxide gas or methane gas emissions, will threaten the environment. If can use a reasonable method of these two gases catalytic, can achieve the purpose of Protect environment. So how can the catalytic carbon monoxide and methane gas?

Catalytic CO and methane gas

The conclusion of a study before that, the livestock industry is responsible for more than 51% of greenhouse gas emissions. Methane is the most important of these gases, followed by black carbon and nitric oxide. Averaged over 20 years, methane is 72 times more heat than carbon dioxide. Averaged over 5 years, methane will be more powerful, heat is generated 100 times more than carbon dioxide. The main component of natural gas is methane, in natural gas drilling operation and pipeline transport process in the presence of methane leakage to the atmosphere of the phenomenon. Oil companies sometimes emptying methane gas or as the exhaust gas combustion. At present, the national 1/4 methane emissions from oil and natural gas industry. Effective reduce emissions of methane, nitrous oxide and methane gas catalytic physical realization of the goal of environmental protection.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) known as the general people's air pollutants, this study is to investigate at low temperature (100 DEG C), driven by light, whether can achieve the selective reduction purposes, using in situ Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (In situ Fourier TransformInfrared Spectroscopy), you can observe the reaction intermediates, and to understand the reaction mechanism. The experiment with hot water solution (thermal-hydrolysis method) for preparing titanium dioxide photocatalyst pure titanium dioxide and 1wt% white load. Photocatalytic reaction to ultraviolet light as a light source. This experiment observed at 25, 50 and 100 DEG C, methane and nitrous oxide and adsorbed on TiO2 supported on 1wt%. Light, most of the methane formation of formic acid and CO2 in the photocatalytic reaction. Nitric oxide into nitrogen dioxide, adsorption on double abutment nitrite and nitrate illumination of single anlagen, double abutment nitrite disappeared, instead of the bidentate nitrate, nitrate and thiocyanate single abutment NCO production, much of the literature as the selective adsorption of intermediate product, and add this study also observed that NH2 so that, in this experiment, light can promote the catalytic partial nitric oxide into nitrogen gas, and then achieve the purpose of low temperature selective catalytic reduction.

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