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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/20/2014 7:49:01 PM
Nitrogen diluted methane gas is Zehui Shi?

Methane is a kind of very important fuel, with methane as the main component of the biogas is an important energy source. Many laboratory and equipment are using methane gas as power source. But we all know that there is a flammable gas explosion limit, an optimum ignition temperature, methane concentration is too high when it will because of hypoxia induced combustion is not full, so we need another gas to dilute methane gas. In Taiwan Mr Chen Junxun studied by adding nitrogen in methane gas to dilute, in order to study the combustion flame experiments, let us to specifically look it.

Nitrogen diluted methane gas

This experiment is to study the intake velocity (Uin) and methane gas - nitrogen mass ratio, fixed injection velocity (0.05 m/sec) in a wind tunnel single porous cylindrical burner switching phenomenon of flame. The experimental process is firstly fixed fuel of methane gas - nitrogen mass ratio to change into a speed of 0.41 to 2.63 m/sec to observe the changes of flame structure related. In the experiment, found in the methane gas - the proportion of nitrogen in higher quality, when the inlet velocity increases when the flame structure change by encapsulating flame flame plume, conversion, in order to appear. The transition zone exists between the envelope flame and the tail flame. Features in this region the flame is a swing and exist only 5~8 seconds. In the area of flame is highly unstable and it can be a rise from the flames, the tail flame is extinguished or. On the other hand, when the methane gas proportional nitrogen quality at less than 60%, when the inlet velocity increases gradually to limit the flame by the envelope flame directly into the tail flame and no conversion flame exists in this area. Besides the study found that when the methane gas fuel mixture quality is low, the flame conversion limit speed will become low, moreover through the picture to express flame jumping distance (stand-off distance), the flame thickness (flame thickness), the azimuthal angle (attached angle) changes to understand the physical mechanisms related to the flame. The flame temperature distribution in the tail flame envelope flame and measured along the vertical center line of porous cylindrical burner flame to understand the change trend of related. The experimental results observed and related numerical simulations to validate the experimental comparison. Comparison of numerical and experimental results have the same trend. The gas in the methane - ultra pure nitrogen mass ratio by entrapment of flame into the plume and by encapsulating flame into flame and then converted into a stable tail flame flame conversion speed found by experimental results obtained by the above numerical prediction. Envelope flame thickness obtained by experimental (flame thickness) and flame jumping distance (stand-off distance) lower than that found in numerical simulation, for the plume range obtained by experimental angle (attached angle) is higher than that of numerical simulation.

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