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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/24/2014 8:39:40 PM
Helium balloons with you to achieve the "flying house" dream!

Many of my friends have seen Pixar Animation produced the "flying Pixar" this cartoon, the retired Carle used hundreds of helium balloons to drive off their house, and became a flying house magic "". I believe that reading the cartoon friends for this scenario and profound influence, a lot of people have a fantasy dream can use helium balloon flight. But the "house of flying around the world" idea is not only the animation in the scene, the previous researchers American National Geographic channel are inspired by using helium balloons, completed the real version of the "house of flying off the record"!

Helium balloon "fly round you dream house"

The test groups were scientists, engineers and hot air balloon pilot and a group of enthusiastic volunteers, the so-called "flying house" is not a complete housing. In the experiment of scientists dedicated to custom a quality very light house, experimental producer said want real house off, only using the helium balloon is impossible, so they designed a new light house. To know the helium balloon buoyancy is limited, before the small make up also introduced how to calculate the helium buoyancy, how to use the limited buoyancy housing will be transported to heaven that engineers and scientists need to consider the issue of.

Finally, according to the scientific measurement of strict, they used each of size 8 feet, is the height of 2.4M large helium balloons to carry out this experiment. The helium balloon flight test is one of a series of new plans for a national geographic channel, the design of lightweight building size of 4.8*4.8*5.5 cubic meters, enough to accommodate 2 various professional aeronaut. The experiment began after 2 professional drivers through manipulation of "flying house" in flight over California desert about 1 hours.

Small knowledge related helium:

The appearance and smell: colorless odorless gas.

Molecular weight: 4

Boiling point: (1 ATM) at -452.1 DEG F (-268.9 C)

Proportion: (air =1) 0.138

Volume: (70 degrees F (21.1 degrees C) under 1 ATM) 96.71ft/1b (6.037m/kg)

Freezing / melting point: no

Steam pressure: ((70 degrees F) no

The density of the gas: (70 degrees F (21.1 degrees C) under 1 ATM): 0.01031b/cu ft (0.165Kg/m3)

Water soluble: (volume / Volume 32 degrees F (0 degrees C)): 0.0094

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