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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/19/2014 8:44:04 PM
Solar hydrogen production? Indulge in the wildest fantasy or true?

As a veteran of the clean energy, hydrogen has long been concerned by scientists. With the popularization of new energy vehicles for environmental protection and human energy demands, hydrogen as energy power has shown its charm! But hydrogen is good, but it is not a small problem. For example, hydrogen is not stable, "temper" is bad, a little explosion! Prepared by hydrogen also need to save the right method, to use a large amount of hydrogen gas as power, is bound to the liquefaction of hydrogen, hydrogen is a problem how to better storage. But before the troubles of these problems, or the first trouble preparing hydrogen matters! There are many methods of hydrogen production, but mostly by water electrolysis or water gas method and so on, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, national National Taiwan University's Mr. Guo Jingzong conceived a new methods of hydrogen production, that is, solar hydrogen production! Whether it is not fanciful? We come to understand!

Solar hydrogen production

To achieve this purpose solar hydrogen production, in addition to the laboratory existing solar panels and hydrogen generator, must also be small issues to improve the discharge pressure of hydrogen production of hydrogen generator, and affect the whole system in order to avoid hydrogen storage too long, so it is necessary to low pressure hydrogen pressure to high pressure hydrogen storage alloy to into the tank, and the also involved must design a pressure device to compress hydrogen pressurized hydrogen gas, so it has become the key that whether the system can running smoothly. Discussion on how to design a suitable pressure device, discuss how the export of low pressure electrolyzer hydrogen compressed into high pressure, compare the whole process will have the theoretical simulation and experimental. In addition, we also use a new battery group is a group of eight tablets, hoping to improve the hydrogen production rate, in order to achieve large-scale solar hydrogen production.

And completed a pressurized system, found that hydrogen could be pressurized to discharge into the ideal pressure of hydrogen storage alloy hydrogen storage tank, so the problem is solved. If can solve the problem of hydrogen storage, not only can realize the continuous production of hydrogen is ideal, can make the solar hydrogen production independent power system is complete, the system of collecting solar energy supplied to the battery and hydrogen generator during the daytime, the purpose is to in the daytime to convert solar energy into hydrogen energy, hydrogen fuel cell power supply to use for the evening without sunlight. In order to maintain the rated load.

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