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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/20/2014 7:50:03 PM
The secondary SF6 gas how how processing? Is the time to recovery of SF6 gas!

Six fluoride sulfur stable physicochemical property, the insulation arc quenching has been recognized by the market, thus also suitable for big city, industrial areas and power into the serious pollution of the use. Because SF6 gas does not contain oxygen, and the dielectric strength is 2.5 times the air, so it has good insulating performance, no problem of contact oxidation. Whether the maintenance or the floor space, six of sulfur hexafluoride transformer has other gas insulated equipment do not have the advantage of. Even so, SF6 gas is not perfect, SF6 is one of 6 major greenhouse gases, is also one of the countries need to gas emission reduction. But in the field of the SF6 gas due to problems of six sulfur fluoride micro water exceed the standard decomposed more than ten kinds of poisonous gas, either to the environment or on the human body have damage. Therefore, not only is the SF6 gas equipment in the six sulfur fluoride or expired need to recovery, recovery of SF6 gas crunch time!

Recovery of SF6 gas

In response to the call to support environmental protection, the use of the advantages of our business for the national recovery of SF6 gas. SF6 gas recovery processing device in the United States will be the introduction of advanced SF6 waste gas, SF6 gas replacement down second-hand, the acquisition of expired SF6 gas and equipment for recycling. Recovery of SF6 gas to solve the large enterprises worry is not complete, small enterprises are unable to recover the SF6 gas troubles!

As you may notice, some large-scale power plant and electric power transmission and transformation enterprises usually purchase SF6 recovery device. But after the quality of SF6 gas recycling and used often to meet the national requirements, is this why? Ordinary SF6 recovering device can handle only water and part of gas impurities, however SF6 gas decomposition and impurity dozens, want to make the recovery of SF6 gas is available again need more professional equipment. Such as sulfur dioxide, sulfuric hydrofluoric acid, fluoride material is SF6 gas common will decompose in the electric field of the material, the addition of mineral oil and water, the air is. The United States advanced SF6 gas recovery device of our introduction of the use of a new generation of technology, has 3 super filter can effectively remove moisture, air and gas decomposition, four carbon fluoride, fluoride and other impurities all hydrolysis!

Some small units of small enterprises to purchase SF6 recovery equipment and how to do it? For the sake of environmental protection, the total can not make SF6 gas deposited freely used up? Still looking for us! I Division in Wuhan is the first professional team in the recovery of SF6 gas, small enterprises can't afford to purchase specialized equipment costs, no relationship, looking for us! In warehouse; six SF6 gas sulfur hexafluoride tail gas cylinders, expired can give we processing. You buy a new gas, I recycle old gas, mutual benefit and win-win!

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