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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/24/2014 8:39:08 PM
Through methane hydrogen production methods have you heard?

Hydrogen is a high-quality clean energy, has now been widely used in the car on the emerging green energy. How to make hydrogen mass is one of the essential elements of new energy vehicles can put into mass market. There are many kinds of methods to produce hydrogen, electrolysis, legitimacy are common methods, but have you ever heard of methane can also make hydrogen? Share this new Reed special gas small make up for everybody to bring manufacturing method of methane in helium!

Method for producing hydrogen by methane

Discussion on hydrogen output characteristics of methane in plasma fuel converter. Study on the method of generating arc to spark discharge mode, after the hydrocarbon fuel and oxygen containing gas mixture produced partial oxidation and ionization, recombination effect to produce a hydrogen rich gas. The whole system includes a plasma converter, fuel and air supply system, data acquisition system and measurement analysis system. Plasma converter includes a signal generator, transformer coils, flashover electrode, a reaction chamber, the gas collecting chamber; the fuel and air supply system includes a nozzle, a flow controller and a flow meter; analysis system comprises a gas chromatograph, oscilloscopes, voltage meter, current hook surface measurement. To investigate the parameters including fuel feed flow rate (20~100 mL/min), O/C ratio (0.1~0.5), the input will be V (10~81W), arc frequency (57~250Hz), reaction channel diameter (5~15mm), background gas (air, Ar+O2, CO2) etc..

Learned from the experimental results, to enhance the output concentration of hydrogen production, can increase arc frequency and low O/C ratio and the methane feed rate; to improve the hydrogen production efficiency, can increase arc frequency, reduce the methane feed rate, O/C ratio on the hydrogen production efficiency is no obviously effect. The background gas, argon and oxygen, or by reorganization of methane to carbon dioxide, hydrogen concentration produced, all than using air reforming of methane is preferred. In addition, the arc length is longer, the output concentration and output efficiency of hydrogen production was significantly higher. The reaction channel size, showed different methane feed rate, reaction channel has its better size. Furthermore, study on gas residence time aspects, the gas into the plasma converter retention time is longer, the production rate of hydrogen and the output efficiency is higher. Overall, the best concentration of hydrogen output up to 45, hydrogen production efficiency is about 0.6.

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