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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/24/2014 8:50:52 PM
Jiangbei a refrigerated warehouse ammonia leak caused by poisoning 13 people hospitalized

At noon yesterday, a refrigerated warehouse is located in Jiangbei District Yongjiang street because of the failure of workers to operate, causing ammonia leak. The workers are working in the warehouse due to inhalation of ammonia poisoning, 13 people were sent to hospital, the age is the smallest 28 years old, the biggest 50 years old.

13 to 3 hospital treatment of poisoning

At noon yesterday, Ningbo University medical school affiliated hospital emergency department sent 8 ammonia poisoning. They from the time of the incident is the cold storage packing packed outside seafood, seafood directly into the cold storage. Patients with mild disease Master Zhang told reporters, when people hear cold pipe exhaust sound, the sound is not small, but lasted only two or three seconds.

"I often work in the cold store nearby, very familiar with the sound, I would say, okay, this is for pipeline decompression." Master Zhang described the scene at the time, at first we also didn't care, but it soon became wrong, a cloud of white smoke from the pipe out, acrid smell filled the air, do not open eyes, gasping, people have to run outside.

In addition to Affiliated Hospital of Ningbo University, the second hospital of Ningbo city at noon yesterday also sent 4 poisoning. Another pregnant women were sent to check the women and children's Hospital of Ningbo City, good.

5 people have lung exudation also observed

After lung CT, blood deepening check, this 8 poisoning, 5 patients had pulmonary infiltrates, apparently, need hospital treatment, another 3 people relatively mild symptoms, in the emergency hospital for observation. Emergency department director Chen Zhihua told reporters: "a few patients arrived, generally have a sore throat, eyes stinging tears, blurred vision and other symptoms, including a Geng surname woman and chest tightness shortness of breath phenomenon, the situation is relatively more serious. 5 patients far it is relatively stable, but how also need to continue to observe, observation for a period of 24~48 hours."

Reporters saw the brighting lady in the emergency ward, she has been able to speak, but the sound hoarse, still very sore throat. The bed next to lay her daughter-in-law, who face the pain, also can not speak. Ms. Geng son says: "my wife is the last one to run, run time also fell and broke his arm, estimate the inhalation of the gas is more than others, so now it is very uncomfortable."

47 - year - old lady Xu laboriously risen told reporters: "at that time, suddenly big smoke, eyes immediately to see clearly, sore throat, eye pain, headache, people suddenly into a cocked hat, I do not know how you are out. After you run out, as if there are people in the nosebleed."

Temporary work only half a day that an accident

In the city hospital, the reporter saw the 33 year old Ms. pan of lying in bed, eyes covered with white gauze, in the accident, her eye injury is relatively severe, because ammonia stimulation leads to congestion cannot open their eyes. On the situation of the factory, Ms. pan nothing, she says she is temporary, the day is the first day to the factory to work, can work for a long time will have an accident.

The emergency physician Yang Sijia said: "the 4 patient general situation was good, that are themselves into the resuscitation room, should not serious, belongs to the mild ammonia poisoning. Their symptoms mainly concentrated in the eyes and throat, the hospital has composed of Otorhinolaryngology, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of internal medicine doctors were on their detailed examination, are not life-threatening."

Jiangbei Anjian Bureau: workers operating errors caused by ammonia leakage

Yesterday, reporter saw two cold storage staff came to visit poisoning in Affiliated Hospital of Ningbo university. They said the person in charge of the refrigerator is a business trip abroad, has received notice of the time of the incident the other staff of the cold storage all has gone out to dinner. "Should not leak, but normal discharge, probably because these workers is not our employees, contractors refrigeratory customers is found, the lack of relevant safety knowledge, not timely escape lead." One of the female staff said.

Production safety supervision and Management Bureau of Ningbo City, Jiangbei District, the relevant responsible person told the reporter: the causes of things is this frozen warehouse workers operation error, cause the compressor to roof crack, appear then ammonia leak, men at work in the warehouse due to inhalation of ammonia poisoning. The specific circumstances they still further understanding.

The doctor said that ammonia is easy to form smog, encounter ammonia leakage to run as quickly as possible, if the conditions can immediately use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose, because ammonia water dissolves very easily, because the inhalation of ammonia can appear respiratory symptoms, such as laryngeal edema, pulmonary edema, and then cause the patients resulted in the death of suffocation. Meet a toxic gas leak, you do not crowd.

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