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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/26/2014 1:36:09 AM
Blind your eyes, xenon headlamps is what?

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Modified wave struck, some of the more like "light show" owners are often not hesitate heavy gold in the lamp modified above a kung fu.

Blind your eyes, xenon headlamps is what?

Headlight for the car is their eyes blazing with anger, clear God, the light can not only help us to see more clearly the road ahead, but also can improve the return rate of the automobile, moreover can blind your eyes, today I give everybody to introduce the lights in the most popular deity, modified xenon headlamps. (Note: This article belongs to the literacy paper)

Blind your eyes, xenon headlamps is what?

We look first at the common automobile headlight, they mainly use the halogen lamp, with home the incandescent lamp, through the high temperature incandescence of tungsten filament to emit light. But this kind of luminous efficiency is very low, there are 90% heat is lost, only 10% of the energy converted into light. In fact, halogen lamp and incandescent lamp brightness and low energy consumption, short service life, all belong to the outdated technology, but due to the low cost of many manufacturers were used.

Next is the God of xenon lamp our (Xian a) appeared, its principle is similar to daylight lamp, mainly different in that it does not rely on the phosphor, but through the high-voltage current breakdown of some inert gas xenon arc light to emit. It is the light-emitting mode more than half of the halogen lamp energy saving, service life is ten times of it, and the whole is white partial yellow, bright sheer than halogen lamps, the dim light of a more beautiful appearance.

Blind your eyes, xenon headlamps is what?

Don't light is not the same as that of xenon lamp bad? This is wrong

Because xenon headlamps, is a complete set of components, mainly includes two parts of lighting and lens, and there is no lens is the most fundamental difference between it and a halogen lamp, lens effect is the key, xenon headlamps emitting principle is different, it needs to depend on the optical lens to gather light and control direction. This view lens quality decides the effect of the use of xenon headlamps. From the domestic market at present, the main producers are Germany Hella and Japan koito. Prices are generally about a thousand yuan, the cost is relatively high. Xenon headlight lens is divided into single and double optical lens optical lens, a single lens can only achieve near light illumination effect, double optical lens with variable light electromagnetic valve, can realize the distance light conversion.

Blind your eyes, xenon headlamps is what?

Thus, belongs to the "bright Sao light family" of the car, can go to the modified xenon headlamps, but having come, because xenon headlamps brightness too big often affecting pedestrians and traffic the line of sight of people, so the owner of the modified pay attention to civilization and use, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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