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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/19/2014 8:43:34 PM
What is the impact of six sulfur fluoride micro water?

SF6 gas is widely applied to the circuit breaker, GIS electric power equipment, the quality of these equipment's normal operation only depends on itself, on the one hand depends on SF6 gas purity. High purity SF6 gas less impurities, moisture content does not exceed the standard, in the high temperature and high pressure under the action of electric arc, generating little decomposition. But some of the SF6 gas in the factory is not qualified, water exceed the standard plus instrument may in some places also have corrosion damage, will continue the decomposition of toxic substances, these substances while causes corrosion of the equipment itself, if the leak will endanger human health happened. Six fluoride sulfur micro water harm? For the six sulfur fluoride micro water how to deal with?

Six fluoride sulfur micro water affects the equipment insulation

Molecular electronegativity of SF6 gas has very good, can capture free electrons to form negative ions, so the arc characteristic of SF6 gas is 100 times the air, large power equipment mostly use SF6 circuit breaker instead of air switch. Six SF of pure product of arc to rapidly restore, so it can be repeatedly used in the equipment, very suitable for the need for frequent operation place. But if SF6 gas quality is not good, especially the excessive moisture and impurities, appeared over six sulfur fluoride micro water problems in high pressure under the action of electric arc, generates sulfurous acid, hydrofluoric acid and other toxic and corrosive products. Harm six sulfur hexafluoride gas water is very large!

Then the six sulfur fluoride micro water exceeding the harm how multiple? You know these of SF6 and water gas reaction in addition to produce hydrofluoric acid and other toxic substances, the impact of these products are also under the reaction of water again. Under the arc action, SF6 decomposition of the fluorine atom and a sulfur atom, equipment contact is evaporated metal Cu and W six steam, sulfur hexafluoride excessive water content will cause the water and these steam generation of surface metal fluoride corrosion components. Another also may have hydrogen sulfide, HF and other toxic substances, will not only corrode equipment, once the leak will directly endanger the life and health of the staff.

We use SF6 as the insulating gas is the use value of the superior insulation of its own, but the six sulfur fluoride micro water too much, resulting in water frost will make the insulation strength decreased, directly affect the normal operation of equipment.

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