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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/23/2014 7:45:42 PM
HTR nuclear power plant with a large helium loop HTL helium compressor factory acceptance by

Recently, Shanghai Air Blower Factory Limited company to undertake the design and manufacture of major national science and technology projects research -- high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant with large helium loop HTL helium compressor, recently successfully passed the Tsinghua University Institute of nuclear and ex factory acceptance. High temperature gas cooled reactor is the world's fourth generation of large nuclear power plant technology, has the advantages of high safety, in the unit, dehydration, instability of control rods out of the case, also won't appear at Japan's Fukushima nuclear leakage, is the milepost type reactor type, international is recommended use this new type of reactor nuclear power. The main technical R & D in China lead unit is the Institute of nuclear energy technology of Tsinghua University and nuclear energy companies, many technology research with independent innovation, has been walking in the forefront of the world. Helium loop HTL helium compressor in the test circuit device by drum company to undertake the design and manufacture of.

Helium loop testing of large high temperature gas cooled reactor, need to rely on HTL to carry out the experimental study on the helium compressor. The unit is characterized by "three high": high speed, 17000 rpm; high pressure, high temperature, 250 degrees 7Mpa. At the same time, the medium for the helium compressor, the unit also full performance test. The compressor R & D from 2009 April onwards, until every success, which lasted two and a half years. In the face of high difficulty of design and there is no precedent for reference, difficult manufacture, carried out a series of exploration and Research on the drum company also launched the "research" activities, at the Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other units to assist, to solve a difficult problem. Ultimately selected for single stage high speed structure of three yuan flow efficient impeller, the tandem dry gas seal, the whole assembly, and a tilting pad bearing advanced support, to ensure that the rotor in high speed operation of self centering capability, the entire unit in the factory test realizes safe stable and efficient, one yuan coin is standing in the unit test was over.

Especially the development of "high temperature gas cooled reactor", R & D drum companies pay in manufacturing longer. Beginning in 1996 the main helium fan high temperature reactor key equipment development 10MW, 2000 in the upper drum company held factory acceptance, after winning the first prize of national science and technology progress. Now is a "high temperature gas cooled reactor demonstration power station" 200MW, drum company has undertaken the development of helium compressor for conveying main helium fan and fuel ball, the two is a key equipment of the 200MW demonstration reactor. At the same time, the test project of scientific research and development on the drum also assume other high-temperature gas cooled reactor ", including through the helium compressor approval, and other research projects being developed by the dust test device, in order to satisfy the formal commercial operation of the 200MW demonstration reactor safety need. Drum on the company's efforts, attention and praise of our nuclear industry department.

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