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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/23/2014 7:40:10 PM
Helium as coolant has leaked? Taiwan nuclear power plant risk?

Last year because of the raise a Babel of criticism of Japan Fukushima nuclear power plant accident up to now, still frightened people. However, many things to fear more than this one, the recent Taiwan nuclear power plant for fear of helium leak, the danger, the Taiwan government has been slow no nuclear one, two nuclear facilities put into use. What is this how one and the same? We take a look!

Helium as coolant for nuclear power plant

Helium leaking nuclear power plant is very dangerous? Everybody wants to know the majority of the nuclear reactor belongs to the graphite gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant, is to carbon dioxide or helium as coolant for the reactor. The use of helium belongs to the third generation technology for the coolant in nuclear reactors, it is with graphite as a moderator, helium as coolant reactor. Principle of the reactor is between the helium coolant through the nuclear fuel, to become an instant high temperature gas, while the high temperature gas through the steam generator to produce steam, steam to drive a turbine generator, thereby realizing the role of nuclear power. If in this nuclear power plant in a helium leak occurred is very vulnerable to accidents! Especially if the helium as coolant leaks, appear extremely easily dry storage facility deterioration of the accident. In the past there have been many cases of early deterioration of dry storage facilities, such as the May 28, 1996 Wisconsin Point Beach reactor dry storage tank explosion; in 1999 also occurred in a similar situation in the Palisades, in 1997 the United States nuclear pipe will find many plant dry storage tank sealing welding began to crack, may cause the helium leakage, easy inner corrosion; Peach Botton June NPP2006 enabled dry storage tank, leakage occurred in 2010 11 package, warning; in addition, Iowa in 1999 into the dry sump Three Mile Island nuclear waste, the 2000 discovery of concrete cover cracks. These are not thought of what happens in the NRC and industry, and these dry storage facilities have not reached the period of use of the accident happening.

Helium as coolant in fact so many advantages. Helium belongs to inert gases at high temperature corrosion of pipeline neither nor and other substances reaction. The use of helium will not appear hydrogen explosion problems at the Fukushima nuclear power plant occurred. In addition, the helium excellent thermal conductivity, the heat is quickly export the reactor core.

At present, Taiwan nuclear, nuclear plant two dry storage facilities caused by external multi safety concerns, also therefore although dry nuclear plant has completed the construction of storage field, New Taipei city government has proved stuck to soil and water conservation completed, has not released. National Taiwan University Department of atmospheric science professor Xu Guangrong said, dry storage system damage caused by risk is much higher than that of a nuclear meltdown at the nuclear island, because the region has multiple shield, standby power, emergency water, the containment structures, and the Taiwan open dry storage field only cement cover, once damaged, 1 to 1, 200 km range in public life are likely to face immediate harm, Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred, is the fourth reactor spent fuel rods may go with the wind, when the Japanese government will consider the evacuation of tokyo.

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