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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/23/2014 7:40:45 PM
Take the subway stop with hydrogen balloon helium balloons for you

We all know that take buses can not carry inflammable and explosive goods, paint, and even children are not fireworks balloon car. But you know do the earth can take a balloon? Recently at the end of the year approaching, soon be Christmas New Year's day and other national Carnival holiday, a lot of people friends want to feel ahead of the festive atmosphere, bought a lot of balloons, but when the subway by security staff blocked, implicit subway can not carry gas lamps! Balloon will burst, naturally can not into the subway, then the helium filling helium balloon? Security is not a helium balloon?

Helium balloons into the subway safety should not

In fact, the subway can not carry the balloon has provided, but also more than the Jiangcheng subway is so specified. The Hongkong Metro spokesman had said, hydrogen balloons generally use the industrial gas filling, gas will contain metal conductive impurity. In order to ensure the safety of subway running smoothly, hydrogen balloon should not be brought into the scope of the subway. In addition, although MTR smoking, usually not open fire, fire explosion risk hydrogen balloon, but it is not impossible. But there are also questioned the public friend, hydrogen balloon danger can not, then the helium balloon safety also not line? To know the balloon with helium is the provisions of national security, since it is in conformity with the provisions of the balloon, why not?

Indeed the helium balloon safe explosion, but the subway after all belong to a public place. Take the Jiangcheng subway people know that in the hot line subway station in the flow of people is very large, often crowded situation. Carrying the balloon crowded car, on the one hand, is not conducive to the order, on the other hand many people is very easy to cause the balloon to squeeze the explosion. People heard the explosion, if unknown circumstances it is very easy to cause panic, serious when there may even be a stampede! Helium balloon security to safety, but for the public security, please with children or adults pay attention not to balloon into orbit traffic.

Said here, Xiaobian I have heard of Hongkong railway to prevent danger, dedicated to carrying the balloon ride passengers to distribute a black plastic bag, to prevent the balloon disruption!

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