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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/24/2014 8:40:11 PM
New Reed special gas with your understanding of new standards of helium gb!

Helium we use is usually required in line with national standards, this standard is helium gb. According to the times and the actual market situation is different, the helium GB content in the continuous adjustment, the current national standard is the latest GB/T4844-2011 helium.

How many know the latest helium GB

The new version of the helium GB and drafted in December 30, 2011 release, is the result of gas standards of national experts observed after several years of research and the actual situation of the designated, specific implementation date is from October 1, 2012 onwards. Small make up through the research of the new and old national helium content in several years, deep feeling to the product quality control is very important! Quality is one of the 2 purchase of helium customers are most concerned about is the product. Some black businessmen will be 99.9% of the helium as the 99.99% or even 99.999% purity helium sale, to know the industrial helium and high pure helium price difference is very big! The use of helium and not up to the purity of the product are likely to affect the user's experimental result or product quality or is the effect of production equipment.

In fact, a helium GB, as early as 1984 release, but long-term since helium in China almost all rely on imports, so a long time we are actually used foreign standard. However, in the practical application of more than 10 years, with China's actual situation, in 1995 the Ministry of chemical industry to re organize the revised helium GB, the standard is divided into industrial pure helium helium GB/T4844.1-1995; GB/T4844.2-1995; high pure helium GB/T4844.3-1995. With the helium consumption research industry in China high-end requires the use of rapid growth, in 2010 the country and re adjust the standard, the pure helium and Gao Chunhai were merged and revision of standards. Now the technology content of China's low temperature physics laboratory of high-tech blossom everywhere, high pure helium can not meet all the needs, so the helium GB new release, increase of ultra pure helium and helium content.

Helium boiling point is very low, liquefied helium is more difficult, because of the refrigerant liquid helium is so superior performance, many university experiment require the use of liquid helium. However, in accordance with the previous standards, with no clear national provisions of liquid helium, so the actual operation of each laboratory have different standards, manufacturers and users are no reference is. New GB now after helium release, have been stipulated for ultra pure helium and liquid helium, liquid helium is that need not detect the moisture content, which makes the majority of helium gas producer and user psychology has foresight.

In addition, the new version of the helium GB helium modify the technical requirements of helium purity and the purity testing standards and testing standards, at the same time for packaging, transportation and storage of helium are put forward new requirements for helium product market is more scientific and standardized operation is more reasonable.

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