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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/26/2014 8:51:36 PM
To solve the shortage of helium? Helium recycling without!

Helium is a reserve limited and non renewable resources, in many fields of helium are temporarily no alternatives exist, if some day in the future of mankind no helium available, can imagine there are many science and technology will be shut down, numerous equipment into a pile of scrap metal! Although helium is scarce scarce resources, people don't use this resource will be carefully! Helium if it can be used after recovery and purification, like water circulation that realize the helium circulating use, it can to a great extent reduce waste while reducing the helium helium consumption speed, to alleviate the shortage of helium plays a significant role.

Helium recycling

In May this year, China Electric Power Research Institute 16 successfully developed China's first industrial helium recycling system can contain impurities purity helium purification for only 10% to 99.5% or more, enough to supply for industrial use. To know the helium has been widely used in aviation technology, optical fiber manufacturing, semiconductor, space exploration and other high-end, modern science is gas absolutely inseparable. However, helium is good, our country unable to realize large amount of independent production of helium and helium on the market almost all rely on imports! But with this power research R & D helium circulation 16 use system successfully, helium recovery in China has entered a new stage!

In fact, as early as in 2004 China Electric Power Research Institute 16 in R & D different helium recycling system, and has as a major scientific research project of national development of several sets of system, has become China's leading domestic helium circulation use research unit. As China's industrial development speed greatly accelerated, demand and consumption amount of helium are not compared to the past. In the past industrial helium failed to implement recycling, thus causing a great waste of! At present, the United States and Russia helium producing countries have helium as an important strategic resource, if the future international tensions, it is conceivable that helium supply is likely to interrupt, which for the helium 99% above all rely on imports of China, there will be a helium gas shortage crisis at any time, no less than a magic spell on the head!

In order to solve the problem using helium loop, 16 million Swiss company began to research from 2012, industrial field of helium purification study cycle technology, through continuous exploration and experiment, finally successfully developed the first domestic industrial helium recycling system, and has been successfully put into Zhongtian optical fiber technology companies, GREE (Hefei) air conditioning company and other well-known large companies operating.

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